Patron Feedback

Patron Feedback

Illegal Eagles 21st April 2022

TDJ Twitter 

Just got back from @memorialtheatre after seeing the Illegal Eagles. A pleasurable experience . great show, brilliant music  & very entertaining

Great venue and lovely volunteers who help run it. Disabled parking-superb service
see you next month for @ukTheatreShows Jive Talking.

The Fureys 14th May 2022

I was born in Frome and lived there until 55 years ago. Yesterday I paid my first visit back to what I had known as the “Grand Cinema” to see the Fureys.

Every aspect of the evening was excellent:

  • the band were great as always
  • the acoustics were perfect
  • the stewarding was excellent, everyone was friendly and welcoming.

I note from the website that the theatre is staffed by volunteers and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the service that you provided.