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Interpretations: The FMTT means Frome Memorial Theatre Trust.

The Hirer means the person making an application to hire the premises

Hirers’ Responsibilities
The Hirer shall not use the premises for any purpose other than that described on the contract.
The Hirer does not have the right to assign or sublet any of their rights or liabilities under the contract of hire to any other person(s).
The Hirer shall ensure that the maximum capacity of the premises as outlined at time of booking is not exceeded.
The Hirer shall be responsible for maintenance, at all times, of good order for those attending. Depending upon the type of event held, the hirer will need to demonstrate to FMTT that the safety and well being of those attending is maintained and where necessary the hirer, at their own expense, will be required to employ the services of professionally qualified door staff.

Fire safety
The Hirer shall keep all gangways, doorways, entrances and exits unobstructed whilst the event is in progress.
No additional lighting effects or electrical equipment, including portable heaters, shall be introduced into the premises without having the approved, up to date, Portable Appliance Testing labels.
The Hirer shall not bring or permit to be brought on to the premises any explosives, inflammable spirits, pyrotechnics or fireworks of any kind and shall not permit the use of naked lights or other inflammable material.
The Hirer shall be responsible for indicating the positioning of fire exits to attendees and the evacuation Assembly Point i.e. the car park to the front of the theatre.
The Hirer shall designate a responsible person to contact emergency services in the event of a fire.
The Hirer shall ensure that no admission or readmission to the event is permitted after 30 minutes prior to the closing time of the bar.
All arrangements for seating, staging and equipment must be notified no later than 7 days prior to the event.
The Hirer shall agree to abide by the licensing regulations in force at the time of hire.
The Hirer shall not allow any glues, double sided tape, bluetack, sellotape or other adhesives, tacks or staples to be used on the tables, floor or the walls, any wall displays shall be on free standing boards only.
No wax or powder shall be place on the floor of the premises.
The Hirer shall not allow any act or performance to take place which might endanger persons on the premises, or the premises themselves.
No alcohol is to be brought on to the premises for consumption or sale. Raffles or events which involve the possible winning of alcoholic prizes cannot be played by under 18s and when such prizes are awarded, they must remain sealed and then consumed off the premises.
The event will be terminated if any member of FMT staff is the subject of abuse or abusive language.

Applications for the hiring of premises must be made on the appropriate booking form.
FMTT reserves the right to refuse any bookings or to impose any special conditions or restrictions.

Charges for use of facilities shall be determined by the FMTT, with the right to alter charges with reasonable notice.

Deposits must be paid in advance to confirm any bookings. For one-off events a deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking, and the balance must be paid 60 days before the day of the event. In the event of non payment, the FMTT reserves the right to take legal action to recover the amounts owed.
All correspondence relating to the accounts should be addressed to Frome Memorial Theatre Trust, The Memorial Theatre, Christchurch Street West, Frome BA11 1EB.

Should the Hirer wish to cancel the booking, the Hirer will become liable for the appropriate charge as outlined in the contract. The FMTT reserves the right to cancel the use of the premises under exceptional circumstances (for example fire or flood). All money paid in respect of the booking by the Hirer will be refunded. The FMTT will not be liable for any other expenditure or loss sustained, directly or indirectly, by the Hirer or the organisation arising from the cancellation.
FMTT will not be financially liable for any cancellation, disruption or curtailment of an event, caused by any force majeure, adverse weather conditions, powercuts etc, beyond the control of FMTT.

Damage to or Loss of Property
The FMTT accepts no liability for damage to, or loss of, any property or articles whatsoever placed or left at the premises, by any organisation, or any member of any organisation or individual.

Damage to Premises or Car Park
The Hirer is responsible for any damage caused by any attendee. For parties and other social events, the FMTT will require an additional deposit of £200, which shall be subject to appropriate deduction in the event of damage being caused to the premises, fixtures and fittings, car park, or specialist or excessive cleaning being required. Payable 2 weeks prior to the event, this will be repaid in full, within 5 working days, providing that no damaged has occurred and the premises is left in good order. All waste must be removed from the premises. The Hirer shall pay the FMTT on demand the amount of any damage exceeding the £200, (fair wear and tear excluded), caused to the premises by the Hirer or any person(s) attending the event.

The Hirer shall indemnify the FMTT in respect of the Hirer’s legal liability only for all claims, damages to or loss of property belonging to any person and for any personal injury to or the death of any person during the course of, or in consequence of the hiring, save insofar as the same arises out of any act, omission or negligence on the part of the FMTT.

Catering , Bar and Kitchen
Only drinks purchased at the bar may be consumed on the premises, contravention of this will result in the event being terminated. Any catering agreements are solely between the hirer and the caterer. If the kitchen is hired, it must be left in a clean and tidy state, all waste removed. A charge will be made for excess cleaning, breakages and missing items. Kitchen equipment only to be used by a responsible adult, no children can be allowed into the kitchen. FMTT will not be responsible for any kitchen accidents.

Photographs and Video Recording
Photographs for professional use and publication thereof must not be taken in the premises without the permission of the staff, neither the use of video recording equipment.

The FMTT operates a total ban on smoking inside all parts of the complex including all e-cigarettes and other devices.

With the exception of specified events and assistance dogs, animals are not permitted into the premises.

Vacation of Premises
The Hirer shall ensure that all members, including entertainment, have vacated by the event end time on the contract. The Hirer shall ensure that the facilities used are left in a tidy and orderly condition and all waste food/materials must be taken away by the hirer. The FMTT reserves the right to levy an additional cleaning charge should the premises be left in such a state as to necessitate above normal cleaning levels, including the kitchen if hired.

Additional and Special Conditions
Any event that may be of an explicit nature must be advertised, promoted and sold as being for over 18s only. Any event of this kind is subject to the management’s permission and any event that is deemed as explicit by the management for which they have not been notified prior to the event is subject to immediate closure of that event. The Hirer shall accept all liability in the event that this happens.
For any events that include children amongst the group, the Hirer must ensure that all children are supervised at all times by adults. For children’s activities (e.g. face painting etc) necessary steps must be taken to protect tables and floor/carpet.

Failure to Observe Conditions
If the Hirer shall fail to observe these conditions, the FMTT may without notice forthwith cancel the Hirer’s booking and any rights of the Hirer shall thereupon cease. Such cancellation shall not release the Hirer from any of their obligations or affect any right to remedy which the FMTT may have and the FMTT shall be entitled to retain any moneys paid by way of deposit and be entitled to the balance outstanding.

Data Protection
The FMTT wishes on occasions to take photographic images of its services and events where the users of the service or event may be present. Users by virtue of their booking and being part of a service or event are advised that these images may be used for future promotions and marketing. As required by the Data Protection Act, the FMTT recognises the rights of individuals regarding their photo image and will not use or retain images taken of individuals without their express permission, but may use an individual’s image without permission where they are part of a group.

Special Conditions
Tickets sold by the theatre on behalf of the hirer are subject to separate charges.