ASR Technical Information

Assembly Rooms Technical Information

Assembly Rooms – Technical Equipment

2  QSC K10 Powered Speaker Flown
4  Yamaha DXR10 powered speakers
1  Yamaha DXR18 Powered Sub as required
1  Yamaha Console with Onboard FX, Mounted in a Portable Production
     Flight Case.
1  Mono Passive DI Box
2  Shure PG SM58 Radio Microphone 
1  Projector Optoma Full HD HDMI Inputs
1  Screen Flown remote control operation
1  Induction Hearing Loop System
1  24/4 Multicore
2  Microphone Stands

POA for the following services

Flexible Modular Staging System
Technical Operators Lighting & Sound
Flexible Modular Staging.
32 Channel Digital Sound Mixer 32/16
DMX Controlled Lighting Console